Sunday, February 12, 2012

Precise Installation of a Drawer Knob on a Shaker Style Drawer Front in 6 Steps

Step 1 - Set a machinist adjustable parallel to half the vertical height: 1 1/4".

Step 2 - Use the parallel to mark the horizontal center line.

Step 3 - Use a machinist's 6" scale to mark the vertical center line.

Step 4 - Use an awl to make a center punch mark.

Step 5 - Use a brad point drill and a power drill to drill a clearance hole.
Cover the drill fixture will masking tape to protect the finish.

Step 6 - Install knob. Repeat N times.

NOTE - The drill fixture shown is a PORTALIGN from Sears. These have not been made in decades. It really creates a terrific portable drill press. All of the adjustable products that available today that look similar are complete junk. Taking off the drill chuck is pretty difficult so this Sears industrial 3/8" drill made by DeWalt is dedicated to the PORTALIGN.

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